India's chicest fine jewellery label, AMARIS BY PRERNA RAJPAL, gives you the lowdown on what's going to make headlines in the high-jewellery space in 2023.

Trends are never born out of conventions and expectations. Here’s how 2023 has decided to do things differently. From minimal style icons to maximal queens, we got you all covered with our Jewellery Trend Report 2023.


Creating styles with stones that could and do practically stand on their own. There is a big movement towards jewellery that celebrates unique and big-sized precious stones. “After all, to me, cutting and polishing a perfectly beautiful Zambian Emerald that is over 50 carats is no joke.” – says the designer, Prerna Rajpal. There is also a trend toward ‘perch’ rings, whereby the gem is perched on the band and/or enveloped by small diamonds without taking away from the beauty of the gem.

AMARIS decodes this trend to be about gemstones and how many carats they hold. Owning a collectible stone (over 20 carats) and then wearing it as a ring or even a necklace is not something everyone is seen doing.

The versatility of carats in styling is what makes them so fascinating. From having solitaire studs as a part of your daily ensemble to slaying the red carpet looks with far-sized stones, there is no limit to how carats can be styled. The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to see this trend evolve.

PRO TIP: Go for a necklace or a pair of studs with decadent gemstones and minimal diamonds while keeping the rest of your look monochrome. Cause, in the end, it's the carats that catch the eye!


As we enter the year 2023, one thing is for sure – it's time to celebrate your unique style. Either you are casually quirky or over-the-top elegant. There is no in-between. There will be a lot of focus on jewels that are experimental with edgy details and a modern twist. On the other side, diamond jewels immortalized by their classic style are all set to make a comeback in 2023.

So, whether you're the dainty chain type or the bold choker type, it's time to unapologetically show off your style. Don't shy away from expressing your mood with your jewels – let them be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. After all, 2023 is all about celebrating your unique style and making a statement with your jewellery.

PRO TIP: Stay in touch with your minimalistic self, wear a black deep neckline with power shoulders, and let your classic solitaire string do the talking, or go all out with colour-dominant chunky jewels & let the bling queen inside you take centre-stage!


In recent years, we've come to realize that life is too short not to add a little sparkle to our everyday routine. Make each day momentous with everyday earrings, rings & necklaces that you can easily throw on for a grocery run or a quick catch-up with a friend.

So, welcome the playfulness of jewels in your daily life. With the light-hearted characteristics of diamonds and the wearability of precious metals like gold, everyday jewellery is here to stay!

PRO TIP - Everyday jewellery is your bling companion, from your morning meeting to late-night drinks. Pair those classic rose gold diamond hoops with a stack of dainty bracelets & the AMARIS diamond-studded Apple watch case to add a little sparkle to your routine.


2023 is going to be the year of shoulder dusting earrings with intricate designs and eye-catching patterns. From vogue diamond earrings to classic polki chaandbaalis, go to great lengths for all your looks.

Elevate your jewel game with long earrings that complete the look. Instead of taking away from the polished yet cool clothes, these eye-catching baubles add a sense of sophistication to the overall look. Want to dress up with minimal effort? Statement earrings are the way to go in 2023.

PRO TIP: Opt for a sleek look with swept-back hair and long, dangling earrings to create the most powerful 2023 combination.


Tech is the new BFF!! So why settle for wearing just a gadget when you can glam it up with jewels that make your favorite devices stand out?

The millennial luxury consumer today wants more than just a watch on their wrist or a pair of headphones on their ears. This has led high-end jewellery houses to set about stamping their unique signature on wearables such as wireless headphones and I-watches. “I have been wearing the I-watch since it was launched and found it basic for my evening outs. That’s what got me to create and launch AMARIS 2.0 – a diamond-studded case for your I-watch that instantly transforms it into a glamorous timepiece.” says the chief designer, Prerna Rajpal.

PRO TIP: Make your notifications shine with diamonds. Level up your Apple Watch with a statement diamond case, apt for professional and casual looks. Stack this stunner with our Hardware Rose Gold bracelet to add that extra sparkle!


Out with the basic, in with the over-the-top (OTT). From stackable diamond bracelets to bold and beautiful cuffs, 2023 is all about that wrist game.

This season, break out the biceps and expect to see wrists and arms adorned with cool and oversized cuffs. XL cuffs made with intricate gold patterns or set with diamonds and stones that are OTT, chunky, and arrest attention. Whatever your preferred form of arm flex may be, you'll indeed be leaving sleeves behind.

Whether you prefer a subtle or daring look, a bold bracelet is the answer to add something special to your outfit.

PRO TIP: For the days you think there is something missing in your outfit, a bold bracelet is your answer. Stack them up or rock them solo


Women are getting bolder in their interpretation of jewellery choices in terms of design, and the renewed relevance in the more experimental mood of fashion reflects a more youthful spirit in the artistic value of these baubles. Even with unconventional designs, these jewels make a priceless contribution to one’s jewellery collection.

On that note, now’s the time to invest in modern heirlooms—or jewellery that feels like modern-day art pieces. Jewels that celebrate the designer’s creativity and artisanal decadence are the ones that will catch the attention of jewellery connoisseurs in 2023.

PRO TIP: For the connoisseur of today, why hang art on the wall when you can wear it? Consider a chunky neckpiece that reflects history or a neckpiece with modern architecture. Explore jewels that have a story to tell & ignite conversations.


More and more people have started to opt for colored gemstones, personalized designs, or engraved ornaments, embracing the power of their unique individuality through the expression of jewellery.

"We are seeing a lot of clients seeking investment pieces that are bespoke, opulent, gilded, and more importantly, meaningful," the jewellery designer shares. AMARIS forecasts a rush of jewels that are often based around a symbolic creature or zodiac sign, personalized with your loved one's name on it or your favorite color this year. "Anything that can spark a meaningful conversation and reflect you as a person will be the trend for 2023." – adds Rajpal

PRO TIP: Invest in personalized jewellery that holds meaning & emotional value. Go for the AMARIS Digital Edit, a minimalistic ring that you can customize to your choice of date & keep close to your heart.


The movement towards bold and statement pieces reflects the ‘more is more’ philosophy of Indian jewellery being interpreted by the youth in their own way.

2023 will be the year of “GO BOLD OR GO HOME,” claims Prerna Rajpal. We are talking about OTT jewels on a whole different level. Stacking bracelets, wearing oversized necklaces and earrings, sporting bold gemstones, wearing XL solitaires – it’s all gonna be happening in 2023.

PRO TIP: Leave nothing behind; layering is the name of the game at AMARIS. From chunky chokers to long diamond studded strings, layer them and go all out! Wear a minimalistic Ivory saree & highlight it with layers & layers of Emeralds & diamonds!


2023’s aesthetic would be centered around WABI-SABI or the appreciation of imperfect, transient, and incomplete beauty. Gone are the days when, for a necklace to look good, it had to be paired with its matching earrings. Or for a look to be complete, every jewel had to have the same color tonality. It's all about mixing, matching, and letting your true personality reflect in your jewels.

We at AMARIS predict this trend won't just be about going all out for your jewel game but about reflecting your unique individuality through unconventional combinations and out-of-the-box pairings.

PRO TIP: Pair that Emerald & diamond OTT choker with your classic round solitaires! Give your necklace the much-needed attention it deserves without taking away from it by pairing it with matching earrings. Re-purpose, re-use & re-style the jewels in your jewel box with the new-age ones!