Our iconic 15 jewels that cover you across all fashion contingencies! Pick from our stellar range of bracelets, rings and earrings that are designed keeping in mind the versatile you. Just as you play many roles through your busy day, these jewels back your shine with theirs – whether you are at work, out with friends or celebrating your momentous occasions!

15 Styles

INR 230,000.00
INR 70,000.00
INR 198,000.00
Joie De Vivre 2.0 Bracelets
INR 550,000.00 INR 495,000.00
INR 275,000.00
INR 256,000.00
INR 305,000.00
INR 200,000.00
INR 70,000.00
INR 185,000.00
INR 70,000.00