Find the right finishing touches for the beautiful symphony of life. Featured here is our range of premium accessories for men, our playful kid’s collection and an assortment of maang-tikkas for the Indian bride. Designed for jewellery connoisseurs who celebrate everyday luxury.

38 Styles

INR 150,000.00
INR 95,000.00
INR 14,500.00
INR 19,500.00
Tales Of The Past Maang Tikka
INR 200,000.00 INR 180,000.00
Pretty in Green Maang Tikka
INR 170,000.00 INR 153,000.00
Traditions On Point Maang Tikka
INR 150,000.00 INR 135,000.00
INR 224,000.00
INR 58,000.00