AMARIS takes absolute pride in being one of the most beloved jewellery brands among the leading ladies of Indian cinema. Prerna Rajpal’s penchant for creating some of the most alluring and red-carpet worthy designs, along with her ability to strike a rapport with these dazzling stars, has led to some of the most iconic ladies playing the Amaris muse. Now you can get your hands on some of our most celebrated jewels, made with the labor of love for the leading ladies of Indian cinema! So create your own red-carpet moment and bring out the real fan girl in you by dressing up in our most exclusive STAR STYLED jewels this season!

22 Styles

INR 75,000
Tanzanite Symphony Choker
INR 260,000 INR 234,000
INR 165,000
Mughal Heirloom Earrings
INR 185,000 INR 166,500
Pyramid Earrings
INR 110,000 INR 99,000
INR 130,000
Candy Crush Ring (Emerald)
INR 160,000 INR 144,000
Green Trail Maang Tikka
INR 215,000 INR 193,500
INR 475,000
INR 550,000
INR 145,000