Nothing accentuates the neckline like an AMARIS necklace. Discover stunning designs for every day, from shimmering diamond pendants that can be layered or worn individually. Make heads turn and celebrate the Indian opulence with our versatile polki chokers and long necklaces that put you in the spotlight.

19 Styles

INR 61,000.00
INR 72,000.00
INR 87,000.00
INR 450,000.00
INR 50,000.00
INR 580,000.00
INR 550,000.00
INR 980,000.00
INR 198,000.00
INR 256,000.00
INR 700,000.00
Double Act Necklace
INR 800,000.00 INR 720,000.00
INR 550,000.00