At AMARIS each of our handcrafted jewel is a result of intense labor of love, expert craftsmanship and our unique design sensibilities. We strongly believe that our clients buy jewellery not just as an investment but to also bring out their personal style quotient. Hence we have put together some simple guidelines that not only let you preserve your precious beauties but make them sparkle for a lifetime!



1. A simple polishing cloth can do wonders to your AMARIS beauties. Using a simple Microfiber polishing cloth, similar to the one you use to clean your sunglasses is an alternative to aggressive cleansing methods and can be used on a regular basis.

2. Extra sparkle for your diamond-studded jewels –The best solution to keep your on-the-go diamond jewels sparkly without any precious stones is to dip them in soap and warm water, mix for a couple of minutes and then gently brush your pieces from the front and back with a soft toothbrush. This step can be followed every 10 – 15 days for regular wear ring and earrings and the on-need basis for your occasional wear diamond jewellery. CAUTION - This method cannot be used for polki jewelry and diamond jewelry studded with precious stones or pearls.

3. Extra sparkle for your polki and kundan jewels – Sometime you might observe your polki jewellery looking black or dull. This is a sign of contact with moisture! Use a simple eraser and gently rub it on the affected gold area that is looking black. Voila! Back to the real shine.



    1. Diamonds may be water babies but your polki may not enjoy the same. Keep your polki jewellery away from moisture, water and perfumes strictly at all times!

    2. We know you love dressing up your jewels and flaunting them; always keep in mind that they must be the last thing you put on while dressing up. Keep them away from any contact with perfumes, chemicals or body lotions.

    3. Always, always and always store your jewels in separate air tight boxes or to be kept in layers in small pouches to avoid scratching/rubbing against each other. Take an additional step and wrap your polki jewellery individually in soft white muslin cloth or soft tissue paper before storing in an air tight box.

    4. We know you love counting diamonds and not sheep in your sleep but don’t wear your AMARIS to bed as it is one of the main causes of losing gemstones and wearing out of prongs.

    5. We know diamonds are your best friends and you never want to leave them behind, but your sparkly buddies need to relax while you do tasks like gardening, exercising, bathing, cooking etc.


        1. Schedule a 6 monthly check-up for your regular-wear jewels and an annual checkup for your occasional-wear jewels to keep all your jewelry woes at bay.

        2. Occasional wear or on-the-go, your diamond and polki jewels are precious objects that require a bit of attention and love. If they get caught on your clothes, there is a high chance that the prongs have moved, always bring your jewel to our flagship store to get the setting checked.

        SOME OTHER COMMON MYTHS DEBUNKED (Yes! This is where it ends)

        1. Toothpaste will NOT help you bring back the lost sparkle of your jewels!

        A common myth is that toothpaste is a good way to clean your jewelry. This is actually false. Toothpaste can damage your diamonds, gemstones and gold. The Mohs Hardness Scale provides a guideline for the hardness of different gemstones and metals. Since toothpaste sits on the scale at 3-4 Mohs, and 14k gold has a hardness of 3-3.5 Mohs, toothpaste can actually scratch damage your gold rings.

        2. NEVER use Alcohol to soak or rinse jewelry!

        Alcohol contains chemicals that can leave a coating on your gemstones and metals. Some gemstones such as emeralds and opals are oil and water based, and if alcohol is used to clean these pieces, the stones would absorb the oils and dry out and crack.

        3. Prolonged exposure to light and heat can have a negative effect on your jewels!

        Certain gemstones are especially vulnerable to heat, while other jewels might bleach under the sun. Excessive heat can also fracture gems or create tiny cracks.

        4. Rhodium plating is not permanent!

        Rhodium plating wears off over a period of time and will need to be re-plated. Typically, a regular wear diamond ring would need to be re-plated once every 6-8 months, while your occasional wear diamond jewellery can be rhodium plated every 2-3 years. No rhodium plating is possible on polki or kundan jewellery.

        5. While diamond is the hardest known natural substance, polki is extremely fragile!

        Indeed, diamond is the hardest material in the world! And the hardness is a property determined by scratch resistance. A substance can only be scratched by something of equal or greater hardness. Whereas, Polki Jadau jewellery is extremely delicate, it is a thin layer of uncut diamond (almost as thin as a piece of glass) which is then set in a gold frame and is considered extremely fragile. It is highly recommended that you always, always and always wear your polki jewels while sitting down, as they may break if they hit against anything.

        So shine and make a statement everyday with your sparkly little superstars!